Speakers Bureau & Lectures

Lecture and discussion format for numerous areas of medical and legal expertise

  1. Medical Malpractice: Managing the Risk
  2. EMTALA: Emergency Department and Beyond
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Maximizing the Patient Experience
  4. Maximally Efficient and Optimally Effective Emergency Department
  5. The Quality Management and Patient Safety Interface
  6. Disruptive Provider Behavior: The Problem and Solutions
  7. Disruptive Physician Behavior: Individual or System Problem
  8. Drug Seeking Behavior: The Dilemma and Solutions
  9. Pain Management: Problems and Solutions in the ED
  10. ER: One Hundred Cases
  11. Lessons Learned: In a Changing Marketplace
  12. The Difficult Patient Encounter
  13. Physician Contracts: Primer for Providers and Institutions
  14. The Frequent ED Patient: Is There a Solution?